Tea with Mary Cassatt
One-woman show about the famous lady who was the only American artist to exhibit with the French Impressionists

30-minute play followed by 15 minutes of Q&A
  • Ideal as a fundraiser when accompanied with a Victorian Tea.
  • Suitable for school assemblies, libraries, museums, conventions, and functions.
  • Includes sound effects, staging, props, and costume changes.
  • Sound system provided.
  • Q and A with Mary Cassatt in character.
  • Travel charges apply for booking outside Massachusetts
Mary Cassatt was a famous artist who first studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and then went to Europe to study the great masters. While in Paris, she joined with the Impressionists and was the only American artist asked to exhibit with them. Mary Cassatt worked closely with Edgar Degas. The exact nature of their relationship is unknown. Both artists burned their letters to each other before their deaths. It was Degas who first suggested that Miss Cassatt paint the maternal pictures that would make her famous.

Helpful Hints for school productions
A recommended resource for student prep on Mary Cassatt is the Picturing America's website (picturingamerica.neh.gov). It has many of the images, the resource book, and links to useful information. Related topics are the Sufferage Movement and the role of Women in the Victorian Era.

Adult venues such as libraries, functions, or museums work well when tea and pastries are served before the show.

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